What Is Creativity Coaching?

The Creative Pen Coaching helps individuals define their creative goals as well as excavate around the blocks keeping them from accomplishing lifelong creativity. Many writers/artists are eager to create but encounter various forms of resistance toward fulfilling their artistic dreams. The Creative Pen Coaching focuses on empowering clients to overcome resistance and roadblocks so they might enhance their creative performance for the long term. Creativity coaching is not therapy or a manuscript reading/critique service.

Creativity coaches are trained to help artists like you discover (I like to call it excavate) what is causing the creative blocks and inspire you to think outside of the box for solutions. They can assist you in understanding and overcoming fear, doubt and anxiety that can hinder the creative mind. Coaches work with you by email, phone, in person or other venues such as Facetime and Skype, etc.

Benefits of Creativity Coaching include:

  • Creative excavation. Understand your motivations/desires for creation.
  • Block busting.
  • Reasons behind blocks.
  • Pathways to renewed enthusiasm.
  • Aligning creative talents with publishing market. How to maintain creative integrity.
  • Managing fear of failure.
  • Managing creative frustrations.
  • Goal setting.
  • Defining artistic needs – understand your true needs as an artist.
  • Clarifying how to keep creative energy flowing.